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Security Guard

Corporate Philosophy

“Quality Service, Our Continuing Commitment”, we have instituted a high-standard quality control system, which keeps our performance running at a highly satisfactory level.

MBR1 Security aims to be the no.1 service provider in the field of Security, Manpower, and Facilities Management Services.

To provide optimum quality service to its clientele is the supreme goal of M B R 1 SECURITY SERVICES. It defines quality as synonymous with efficiency, effectiveness, consistency, dependability, honesty, and loyalty. These are the factors essential to the attainment of the overall credibility of the company as will be manifested by its satisfied clients.

In keeping with this thrust, M B R 1 SECURITY SERVICES endeavors to achieve and maintain a competent and credible pool of human resources as per UAE and SIRA Regulations who shall carry out the tasks and represent the ideals for which the company stands.

It’s Administrative and Operations Departments are working hand in hand to ensure that recruitment, training, job performance, and implementation of rules and regulations are inconsonance with desired targets and standards. Its Finance Department follows a salary and wage administration system mandated by UAE Labour Law and is constantly abreast with the proper accounting and financial management procedures vital to the company’s liquidity and therefore, stability.

M B R 1 SECURITY SERVICES envisions itself as a valuable partner to support business of its clients by helping to create a safe and peaceful environment conducive to good business. It is also highly concerned with the welfare and development of its security personnel by constantly finding ways to boost their morale improve their craft and encourage hard work and discipline.

Together, in principle and practice, the people of MBR1 vow to live up to its advocacy


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Our Vision is to enhance safety and security of business of corporate, public, and private surroundings


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